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Valenti Construction, established in 1996, is a comprehensive developer and general contractor offering turn-key solutions. With extensive expertise in the field, our team has successfully developed, constructed, and renovated over 100 establishments, including restaurants, mixed-use developments, and luxury residential properties. We prioritize a pragmatic approach to construction, drawing upon the practical knowledge gained by our field personnel and the leadership of our development division.
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Exterior of construction zone as a strip of shops are being built
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Commercial Construction Services

As both a developer and contractor, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to a range of clients, from locally owned family restaurants to renowned national chains such as Starbucks, Wendy’s, KFC, and Chili’s. At Valenti Construction, we understand the paramount importance of completing each project within the designated timeframe, adhering to budgetary constraints, and ensuring long-lasting quality.

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Our comprehensive range of services are aimed at delivering successful construction projects. With a strong emphasis on quality, cost-efficiency, and adherence to timelines, we provide turn-key solutions from development and general contracting to owner representation and project management. Our expertise extends to various aspects, and we prioritize communication and collaboration. Valenti Construction stands as a reliable partner, dedicated to achieving the vision and objectives of our clients while ensuring the highest standards of excellence in the construction industry.

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Our History

25+ Years of building great spaces for you to enjoy.

The Valenti team has a love for the restaurant industry and commercial development. As restaurant owners and franchisees, we know how to support you during the process.
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Top view of cement foundation and exterior walls during home construction

Trusted by some of the top brands nationwide

Valenti Construction is rooted in the restaurant business with some of the most recognizable brands.

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Hear from our amazing partners.

Thank you to our clients and partners for trusting us with your wonderful projects.

Valenti is one of my preferred general contractors and their Quality of work is second to none! They are very proactive. If there is ever an issue the PM always provides multiple solutions. I will always work with them on my projects.

Nobert Akas Wendy’s International, Regional Construction Manager

I would 100% recommend Valenti to build a high-end residence. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and all of the deadlines have been met. They’re super transparent and on top of all of the decisions we have to make on a proper timeline.

Hunter Schofield Homeowner, $2.5M home on Ft. Lauderdale intercoastal

My experience with Valenti is great! They deliver high quality workmanship and deliver projects on time. I recommend them because they deliver what they promise to deliver.

Ken Freid Wendy’s & Yellowcab Holdings

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Valenti Construction leading the way in quality construction and development.